Shane Theriot's Podcast with Leni / by Leni Stern



"My guest today is guitarist, vocalist and composer Leni Stern. Leni is someone I consider to be a good friend, as we’ve known each other for 16 years.  She’s one of the most inspiring musicians I happen to know and- her contagious laugh and positive energy is something I never get tired of being around. Although she is married to guitarist Mike Stern (check out my 4th podcast)- Leni has her own distinctive voice on the guitar and an unmistakable touch and tone. She has won the Gibson Guitar  Best Female jazz guitarist award 5 years straight and has continued to push forward with each of her records and bands. 

In the interview you’ll hear how she left a successful career in her native city of Munich, Germany to come to the US and slowly build her reputation as one of New York City's finest. Now, some 20 plus records later, she talks about her new record, (Darkar Suite) what it was like studying and being in a band with Bill Frisell, the difficulties and advantages of being a female guitarist in a male dominated world, what it’s like being married to one of the most famous jazz guitarists in the world- Mike Stern, how she composes melodies etc…. and we play some ngoni and guitar duos too… Click here for Leni's Website"