Back from (Victor) Wooten Woods / by Leni Stern

I spent last week at the Wooten Woods camp in Tennessee, an hour outside of Nashville. It is the creation of #VictorWooten, the amazing #bassist.

Mike and I had a fantastic time!! We were way off the beaten path in the woods, by a large stream, teaching 28 young musicians from all over the world.

We had wing shun kung fu classes by a student of It man !!!! and nature classes where the students learned to identify tracks and bugs ( like the one that crawled up my pants when i was teaching!!!!!!!!!!!!) and snakes ( water mocassins and rattlesnakes - ayayayayayay)

There was a huge organic vegetable garden out back and meals were cooked by an awesome chef with fresh produce from there.

The best thing was, that by the time we got to the camp, all the students had been infected with the irresistable Wooten groove…and young boys from Pakistan to Sweden were grooving like hell!!