Billboard review: Kindness of Stangers / by Leni Stern

October 28, 2000 by Steve Graybow

Continuing her remarkable transformation from jazz guitarist to folk/jazz chanteuse, Stern turns in a beautiful set of songsand adds another feather to her cap, that of orchestrator. The album's centerpiece, the 19 minute "Vedo Il Tuo Viso (I See Your Face)" is a moving mini-comcerto for guitar, voice, and orchestra commemorating the 20th anniversary of a terrorist attack in Italy, commisioned by the town where the atrocity took place. Stern's music and lyrics reflect the sorrow, longings, and passions of life, painted in universal blue-toned hues that bring a commonality to her experiences. Plus, she continues to be a notable jazz guitarist, spinning beautifully crafted lines within her folk-influenced songs. The fact that Stern records for her own independent label makes the depth and creativity of her music all the more commendable.