Preview from new album, Once Upon A Time (Lebone) / by Leni Stern

"Suite is a term from 14th century classical music, for a series of dances. By the 17th century it grew into a collection of compositions that were thematically and tonally linked.
I like the name for this collection of songs because the sabar drumming ensembles of Senegal (like the one you hear on this recording) were originally intended to accompany traditional dance." - Leni

Dakar Suite (2016)

Leni Stern: electric/acoustic/baritone guitars
n’goni, lead, and backing vocals
Alioune Faye: djembe & n’der
Baye Demba Faye: mbangbang
Gibbi Faye: goron gu talmbat
Eladje Faye: dcho
Moussa Faye: toungoune
Baye Faye: dje, tom bass (Mercy reprise)
Makura Mbaye: percussion assistant
Aboubakar Sidiki Sacko: n’goni
Mamadou Ba: electric bass & n’goni bass
James Genus: acoustic bass
Leo Genovese: piano & Farfisa
Karen Waltuch: viola
George Brooks: saxophones
Gil Goldstein: accordion
Jonathan Goldberger: guitar & tape echo
Shane Theriot: electric & acoustic guitars, lap steel, Omnichord
Lara Bello, Emily Elbert, Nalani and Sarina Bolton,
Keith Anthony Fluitt, Alioune Faye: backing vocals

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